Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mad world

Its such a mad world when u love someone like dying while u know everything is far far away from possible ... Its not a mistakes to tried but when its No means NO .. The things u can do is HOPE .. Hoping somedays the person can see it thru their heart and no longer from their eyes ...
Meanwhile just do your own things .. focus on your family money and friends and let GOD lead you the way ...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

its me and me....

After so long i left my blog then here im back.... this time its about me.... well I dont know if its because of age or maybe im just a normal person .. kind of weird feeling haunted me lately.. I cant think straight... i hate almost half of me... Most of the time I dont know n im confused who is me?

Mohd Ridzuan Sulin.. thats my name... other than that? who am I? I failed a lot... im hidding too much... Im kept too much secret... Im sad... Im dissapointed.. I cried.. I dream too much... I scream loud in my heart... too many question WHY? inside my mind.. Its hard to speak out..

If the question ..( if there's anything u want to change in ur past) and my answer will be too many!!... I grow up early.. too early before i shouldnt be.. I have my dream but its gone? I want to be somebody? I dont want to be just ordinary people... Too many thing i want to give in this world but im traped in my own trap..!! I choose the wrong way.. people always say 'its never too late' but i dont know how true was that..!! I used to be stand out person...I stay focus.. I tried too hard to achieve it but it seems useless because I am too naive... Im stupid to not consider what i do... Im over follow the floor until i forgot to step on the ground..

well maybe as human we do made mistakes.. ya.. mistakes is normal but repeat the same mistakes means something wrong with u... I felt guilty to myself because i abandon my dreams.. I forgot about my family hopes upon me.. I really wish i could turn back the time so i can start all over again..

People who knows me would say I can do it... I have this.. I have that.. ( i appreciate it) but the truth is Im different now.. I lost my comfident .. I cant even stand alone.. I felt that nothing much i can do.. Im too far from my dream.. Im failed down... Everytime I want to wake up i failed again and again... I am waiting for my hero to bring me high as high i could be .. But the truth is my hero is myself.. it would not come because the wall i made too high n too big .. I tried not to climb it.. just use the front door but i have forgotten where is th key.. I can use the window but it would not be the same ... I am totally lost n confused now.. Am i drama queen? yes i am because i act a lot until people dont realised how sick n down i am.. If there is a Golden Globe Award i should won it..

I hope there will be a earthquake or tsunami so the wall will disappear.. I want to feel myself again.. I want to feel the victory.. All i can do now is waiting and waiting until the day has come... The day i can stand tall and say yes i made it... i made it to the top!! when? to give hundred person to GOD is unfair .. it must come together with effort.. Im still trying ... People deserve a second chances and I hope it will happen to me..

Friday, September 25, 2009

My beloved friends....

In my life ... I never thought i will met this three people that brought colour in mylife... DD (dianna ivy ) , lalai ( shirley Peter ) n Koko ( jackson jaffry ).. only GOD know how much i love n how meaningfull them to me.. (if only they know, u guys have special places in my heart )...!!

What else i can say... three of them its the only person i can trust n i can run to when im in need... We are like family... we are so connect to each other even we have different personalities... We been thru so many things together.. we have sad times.. happy moments.. blur day.. and so many more... Once for such a long time we didnt see each other ( accept me n koko coz we r housemates ).. That time all of us just try to built their own way.. like dd just married n lalai find her lover.. we almost forget each other.. But! GOD knows better!! Our relation is sincere from the heart we met again.. and i still remember that time its like 'sunrise in the morning' where we are so happy and the world start bright again.... I still remember when we drank coffee i cant recall how many jug we had at dd's house.. since then it is like a trademark n a must!!.( coffee even we are not thirsty) hahahaha.. pity dd!

Actually i got so many things want to share but my eyes are killing me.. Guys, u all are the best buddy ever.. u are my sister n my brother.. I love u and always love u.. Sometimes didnt see each other doesnt mean we forget each other... If the love is pure nobody can stop it.. My love to u will always there forever.. One day when the time God take me please remember i have great times with all of u... and our journey never stop here or forever... For me u guys are like ( seven wonders of the world ).. I will keep all our memories in my heart.. May Allah bless our relation.. sincere love from me to dd,koko,lalai.. love u n always love u!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

One Free World

Hai everyone.. i just wrote down my blog to share to all of you what was i kept in my mind. Lately we are so sellfish and so rude to each other. I was wondered do us feel happy with our world situation?? ya.. maybe some of us were too happy and busy enjoying their life until we ignored situation around us.

As a muslim i was so sad about thing happened now. Most of people confused about ISLAM until they thought ISLAM is criminal religion. What was happened around is totally not ISLAM it individual!!. Its all about revenge and politics. I cant blame them. Maybe they have their own reason why there act like that. The fact is.. there is not even one relegion said we have to kill people and be rude to other to be good person. Every relegion teach us to be a good person. AM i right???

Deep inside my heart i was so sad about sept 11. I dont see them as american or christian... i look them as a people, as my brother n sister and i am very angry also upset to those people. I was so proud of my country MALAYSIA. Here, we are multi relegion. we have ISLAM, CHRISTIAN,BUDDHA,HINDU but we still respect each other. We celebrate all celebration no matter what relegion. I would say MALAYSIA one of the country has a lot of public holiday.. I enjoyed it. Along the road easy for you to find Mosque, Church or temple. What wrong with it? If u have respect in yourself that should be no problem. For me if u love your relegion so keep pray and be nice to other .

Dear all, dont we feel good when we walk as free person no matter what relegion or citizenship? I wanted to be that person. I am really hope that please dont ever think ISLAM is criminal relegion because it was not true!!!. What you see is just a drama and politics. It more to individual. I love this world and really hope we can enjoy it. Share it with smile. Love each other. Im sure we can make it. Dont judge books by its cover. That is what happened.

We live once so dont wasted it. Enjoy this world. Smile is the greatest thing God gave to us. So, make use of it. We dont have to use a lot of energy or lost a lot of money for one smile. We are not animal .. we are human with brain. Think of it.

I hope this blog will be read by all of us as a love letter to freedom world.